December 8, 2011


Hey there!!!!
I had move to new blog!!!!


Do visit alrighty?? <3

December 23, 2010

Lunch date!!!

Yeap~ I had lunch with XY in the afternoon just now at Nandos, Jusco Bukit Raja… I promised her long time ago that we will dine in there when I’m in Klang… So, there we go…

XY came and fetch me in the afternoon and off we go to Jusco…

We walked around before we enter Nandos… I’m havin a great time chatting and gossiping with XY~ LOL… That’s what girl did when we gather around… The other day Sue May came for visit too… Touched!!! She didn’t come with empty hands of course but with YuYu-Ice… Yums… We chat, we laugh and we GOSSIP!!! haha


*Tadaaa… Camwhore shots of XY and I at Nandos… Pretty not???

When our meal arrived,


*XY oledi started eating…

And I have to interrupt her to snap a picture of me with my meal… haha


*Me with my 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines… Yummeh~!!! #Hot stuff behind!!!

Next, personal camwhore~


*I looked pale… Dunno why…

After dine in at Nandos, we wander around and Starbucks as a after dinner drinks… Weee~!!!

Din got to snap any pictures, as we oledi start gossiping around and laughing out loud in public, stalking some hot guys and etc…(:

December 2, 2010

Sneak Preview!!!

Semester break is one day time from now!!! YESSS!!!!

Am going back to Klang at this time tomolo!!!! Aiks…

I’m gonna start working on this weekends itself oledi~ So rajin rite? LOL

Where I’m gonna work?

Weee~! I’m gonna work at Giant Bukit Tinggi, Klang~ As a shampoo promoter for the whole weekends of month December… From 12-9 pm… And my break time is 5-6pm… *hint*

Everyone is welcome to visit me according to the time I listed above…(:

So, what shampoo brand I’m gonna promote then? And How u guys gonna find me?


*U guys just need to spot the most prettiest girl in the stores… LOL *joking ni okay*

By looking at my uniform, u guys should had know what brand of shampoo I’m promoting dy rite?

It’s *drum rolls*



November 30, 2010

Rojak post~!

LOL… It’s the rojak post again! Like seriously, I dunno how man rojak post that I had blogged before…


*Sarah and I… Don’t she looks HOT??? Yeah rite? She is one of my college friend that I’ve made on the first day of college…

Finals had started since last week… And I secara bangganya to announce that I starts studying for my finals two weeks before… Shocked rite? LOL… Am actually regretted study so early… Know y? Coz my study mood oledi shut down… Ish….

Last week was our study week but I still went to college to study with Patrick and John… At least got some input la… But today dunno why I can only vomit 50% of my input for the subject of computer apps… I still rmb the day before, Dawson asked me, whether I study dy not and I just answered I just studied the tips that was given by the Lecturer lor. He was shocked and asked me, ‘Then, how about the objective questions?’… I just simply replied him, ‘Erm, just choose the longest answer given la…’ LOL…

Our study group was fun at the hallway of our college as we can stalk the leng zai that always passed by when he wanna go to the washroom… Surprise that Dawson and Patrick are there to stalk with me and Patrick even made up some drama to fight for the leng zai with me… hehe…

Just now after exam, I went to Starbucks with Victoria and Ranee… Yeah… Vic let us to use her staff ID discount… And I just bought a croissant and a large Dark Mocha for only RM15!!! So damn cheap rite?


*Croissant is my all time favorite…

Bread is actually my nightmare… I could rmb when I’m still in elementary school, my aunt always made me some bread with jam to bring to school… And I actually have that for freaking TWO years!!! No jokes wyeh… From that time onwards, I never ever bring bread with jam to school… Die die oso dowan… LOL But I love the pastry or bread that had been commercialize and sell in the mall or the bakery shop…(:


p/s>sorry for the long-lengthen post~ (: Peace!!!

pp/s>saw the friend of ang mohs that I mentioned in the previous post… ^^

November 27, 2010

Ang Moh alert!!!


I’m currently doing revision with John and Patrick at college… We reached here early in the morning to study together… We went down to fifth floor for lunch just now and guess what? (hint from the blog post tittle!)

We saw HOT! ANG MOH~!!!


*Hot not??? XY~!!!!


*More pictures~! aahhhh…. Sho CUTE!!! haha


*Happy me~! haha


*What a happy day!!!! &hearts;

Hot Ang Moh really brighten up my day!!!(:

The old ones~


U guys wouldn’t know how badly I miss my old life…

Friends are just there by my sides when I needed them… And we could just come out and hang out together whenever we want by just a call or text…

Everyone had moved on with their lives… So do I…

First semester is ending soon… And Finals is just around the corner… Study mood being turned on since last week… However, it’s of right now… I hate to know that I’m procrastinate right now… I always do although from the outside I acted that I don’t give a damn… Probably, I realized that what I’m doing now I what I wanted from the beginning…

I even studied 2 weeks before my exam.. That is super impressive and break my life’s record… I got the lesson from my SPM and high school’s exam results… All that really scared my pants off wyeh…  LOL… Don believe it? I actually did learn from my mistakes kay…

And now I actually did quite well for my mid terms, assignment handed up on time and etc… I <3 my course very much… Everything is new and fun for me… I didn’t regret for the choices that I had made of course… Learnt lots of stuff that I can apply on my daily life…

Plus, living in KL is fun too~! Lots of shopping malls here… That’s my all time favorite!!! And not to forget~ FOOD!!! All this simple thing lighten up my dull life here…


November 25, 2010

First ever practical exam@BUCH

Just finished my first practical exam at college for my beverage studies which requires us to do a COCKTAIL and MOCKTAIL…

Yeap… And I gotta work it out with my partner~


*Patrick~ LOL

We havta ready our mis-en-place earlier before we presented it to our assessors, Mr. Ronald and Mr Mixon. Super stress wyeh…


*Me posing with my two main ingredients of my Cocktail… iMatch is the name…

Btw, Kahlua is coffee liquor~ It tastes good!!! XY will &hearts; this!!!


*Some photos taken before my turn to present~ That’s me wearing a dress for the presentation…

Here’s come the kan cheong moment!!!


*That’s yours truly mixing the iMatch… Second picture, me explaining to the assessors bout my drinks… stupid picture of mine… I’m so sorry…XD

Next would be Patrick’s turn to do his Mocktail~ Named>Spongebob


*Nice not our SPONGEBOB the mocktail? LOL Spot the Spongebob!!!


*Yesss!!! Finally done!!! <3