May 19, 2010

Shop till I drop.

Went for apartment hunting with Hui San yesterday around Tun Sambathan, KL. I drove all the way to KL without getting lost!!! We are so awesome... Spotted lots of hot angmohs.♥ haha... Hui San even wanted to ask for his number as he passed by our cars as we were stucked in jam.

We stopped by Methodist College as Hui San wanna pay her first semester fees then we drove around there to check out some apartment for rent... Unfortunately, all rented out d... We managed to leave our number for the management office of the condominium to help us look whether got rooms available o not...

As the lady promised to give us a call after an hour, we have our brunch nearby there at Old Town... Hui San and I talked non-stop whether we are in the car, eating, shopping or in the toilet... I realize that I cant be reli 38 when she's around...

Manage to bought 2 dresses at Times Square at a very cheap price... Damn happy... Both of us are Kitschen's fans for sure we will stop by the shop and grab some outfit there.(:

*In Kitschen fitting room...

*I should have bought this mini skirt... I like it... Nvm, still got chance... haha...

*After trying several type of mini skirt and I decided to buy this sets-halter top and this denim mini skirt!

Then, we ran all the way from Times Square to Sungai Wang for tea break at T.Bowl!!! I love this concept restaurant!!! This is the second time I've been there...(:

*Look at that fella peeping ppl doing business in the toilet! haha...

*My favourite! Dragonfruit sponge mellow ice!!!

*Cheese scallop!!! So nice!!!

*Hui San with her tom yam nissin noodles in t-bowl... The soup is reli nice...(:

*My roommate-to-be!!!

May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

To the boyfriend of mine!!!♥ He officially turned 22 on the 13th of May...(: I promised to 'belanja' him on his birthday because I dunno wat to buy him, hence we headed down to Full House@Sunway Pyramid to have dinner together...

*He drove us there... It's been a long time since we travel on highway and he got hyped up and drove at 120km/h... Summore my Myvi is so damn light and it seems like gonna fly away d...


*The man and I. lol

*Me with the menu.(:


*Our food... The tomato soup is yummilicious...

*He's reading the comic in the menu... After finished his food. He is reli a typical asian whos cant survive without rice. He asked me why here don serve rice one? Then i replied, got ar, Nasi Lemak lo...-__-

The next day, went dinner with the darlings, Atika and XY at Nandos as the last farewell with Atika as she's leaving the day after... We chatted, take photos, eat our quarter meal and stalked the panas nandocas, Taufiq.

*The blogger.

*Atika and I. Nice pictures always turn out blurr...);

Didn't manage to take picture with XY because she haven put on her eyeliner... Suddenly she become so vain.

*Me and XY behind... Yes, she oledi put on her eyeliner and she can take pictures d...

* Pretty...

*The 3 sexy girl...♥

After having our main meal and finish stalking the panas and the adidas guy who passed by, we went to Baskin Robbins to have desserts...

*Me with my single-cone mint chocolate ice-cream... nom nom...

*Started missing Atika after she went back...);

May 8, 2010


Went out for Sushi dinner with all the babes of mine, Ashley, Mich, Shu Ee and Tricia at Sushi King@Centro.. The boyfriend tag along too... We chatted like nobody's business there... Laughed and talked damn loud.:D Update each other bout our life... And randomly went to Sunway Pyramid to check out movie to watch... Know what? Ashley drove us there with her mum punye Benz.♥ And we still alive!!! haha... Don have any movie that drove our attention, then headed home... lol... damn random...

Actually XY and I planned to have study group together at Starbucks Bukit Raja but ended up chatting, drink Starbucks and did some shopping... Bought one tank top, two sandals from Padini...(: XY were pissed because she couldnt buy something that se wants... haha

Just some update...♥

May 5, 2010


Last Friday went shopping at Aeon Bukit Tinggi with a mystery friend of mine... We walk around and hunt for food... That day I ate till my stomach is gonna burst... Believe me.. We drank coffee at Kanna Curry House first while waiting for the mall to open... Then, fried chicken chop at Shih Lin and sushi brought from Jusco... Wanna go for lunch at Bbq Plaza but we realise that our stomach cant stuck in any more food... Walk around and I bought a pair of wedges that I wanted so much since long time ago...(:

*The paper bag...

*My new wedges!!!♥ From Vincci.♥

After shop around, we went to have some light snack at Pao Bing the ice shop...

*And I fall in ♥ with the Matcha Ice with Red Bean... Yum... I realise that my blog is lack of food picture... haha... Hence, I purposely snap one to post it up here...

Our shopping day ended at 1 pm and we headed home... And of coz, I take away some takoyaki home to nom...(:

Yesterday night went hang out with the darlings at Station 1 Meru... Miss them so much...

*Atika and I...

*Xin Yi and I...

*Mae Vin and I... Sorry Mae Vin.. It's a lie that I dont miss u... I do miss u kay?(:

*Mae Vin, Cherrie and I... Cherrie looks more mature and SEXIER!!! haha...

*The 5 of us... It's a self-timer taken photo... Sorry for my ugly face... I know I'm ugly oledi but in this picture I looked worse....);

Next, YENG's camwhore time!!!

*Select two of the best... That less pimples can be seen... lol

May 1, 2010

A date with dearest!

Last Monday, had a small little date with Atika at Starbucks Bukit Raja... It's been a long time since we last see each other... And I got to know that she's leaving for Pahang soon... Hence, we planned a small outing... Update each other with some juicy gossip... We chatted for like 2 hours... Bout everything... Looking at Nike guy passing by and Sir Faiz too...(:

Align Center*Me with a cup of warm water after having the new drinks-Espresso Cream Frappucino... Very nice... ♥
>Credit to Atika for the editted picture!

*Atika with her drinks! Lala behind... She's working at Starbucks now... I oso want!!!);

*Atika and I with our drinks!♥ Thanks to Lala for helping us to take this picture...(:

*Atika is camwhoring!

*Now is my turn to camwhore!

#Atika, I will always remember u as u brought all the joy, noise and etc to my life... Although we just starts to get close after I entered Science 2... But, believe me I truly appreciate every moment we spend together all this while... I oledi starts missing u when I got to know that u're leaving... U are the 1st among us to go study at place far away from Selangor... Promise me that u wont forget us... kay? Do visit us if u having break o holiday!!!


*Tried to tie it for the first time... So damn easy... I onli nid 4 normal rubber band to hold it!

p/s:A big Thanks to ATIKA for the new blogskin!!!!