June 30, 2010


Went out with the babes a day before my birthday for a play at Taylors Lakeside Campus... Dressed up together with the babes at Ashley's house before going out!

*Our outfit the night! From left, Mich, Shu Ee, Me and Ashley!

*Ash drove us there by my car... She's happy that at last I let her drive my car.(:

*My present-Starbucks cup from Mich and Necklace from Ash.

Another present!

*A condom from Mich too... lol. I did asked her,'Mich, a box of condom have 3 packets of it. And why do u just gave me one?' haha...

*After watching the play-12th Night.


After that, we headed to Chill Out at Subang Parade and stand there for one hour plus onli we decided to go Starbucks ar Centro for a drink...

This year birthday is just a simple one as I don reli have the mood to celebrate it. Anyway, thanks for all the wishes!(:

June 17, 2010


Hi guys!!! Sorry la... Long time din update edi le... haha... Internet connection being cut off recently la... Some more very very tired le... Nowadays keep on going to KL to paint our small little room... lol... Then yesterday went shopping with Joey, Cherrie and Hui San and Sunway Pyramid... XY actually wanna join us but she sat wrong bus then got lost... Luckily she's safe...

And... The most important one is.... June is my BIRTHDAY month!!!!! ahahahaha....

Here come the wishlist.... paisei la... U guys can just ignore this...):
But plss.....);

~Handbags... More handbag!
~Puma cap.
~Nice dress....
~Make up set!
~New phone!
~iPod Touch...
~More outfit!

That's all i could think of right now...
Currently blogging at my new apartment. Waiting for the air cond and paint man do their work! haha...

June 3, 2010


After finished two external paper of LCCI, felt so relax suddenly... Went to Aeon Bukit Raja right finished the exam with XY to have our lunch together... It was so random when I decided to go Snowflake at night without knowing XY she can make it o not? Without long consideration, she said YES!!! I was so happy... I've be longing to try that for so long time but don have the time to go there... Asked the boyfriend whether wanna join us o not? And we just go!

*Snowflake bestseller. Wonder why felt not that satisfied but I'm still Happy!!!

*Me with my desserts!

*The boyfriend and I. He just cant smile properly! Jeez...

*Bby with his friend Henry...

*XY and I... She's too happy that she can eat at Snowflake again!!!

*TWO AH BENG alive!!!!! haha...

*XY and I...(:

The outfit of the day!

*Denim Jumpsuit that I bought at the blogshop MySweetiePie

At nite after coming back from Subang, went Mamak with all my babes... But Mich didnt show up because of skul tomolo...): We chatted for like 3 hours non stop. Shu Ee become more girly d...(: And pretty of coz... All of us laugh out loud like nobody's business... We being so hype up and Ash was saying out loud to Tricia that,'BEEF doesn't come from COW!!!' for like several times. haha. Reli enjoy the moment with them. Hearts them alot!!!