November 25, 2010

First ever practical exam@BUCH

Just finished my first practical exam at college for my beverage studies which requires us to do a COCKTAIL and MOCKTAIL…

Yeap… And I gotta work it out with my partner~


*Patrick~ LOL

We havta ready our mis-en-place earlier before we presented it to our assessors, Mr. Ronald and Mr Mixon. Super stress wyeh…


*Me posing with my two main ingredients of my Cocktail… iMatch is the name…

Btw, Kahlua is coffee liquor~ It tastes good!!! XY will ♥ this!!!


*Some photos taken before my turn to present~ That’s me wearing a dress for the presentation…

Here’s come the kan cheong moment!!!


*That’s yours truly mixing the iMatch… Second picture, me explaining to the assessors bout my drinks… stupid picture of mine… I’m so sorry…XD

Next would be Patrick’s turn to do his Mocktail~ Named>Spongebob


*Nice not our SPONGEBOB the mocktail? LOL Spot the Spongebob!!!


*Yesss!!! Finally done!!! <3



Ashley said...

haha. kahlua is my preferred drink. :P

z-yeng said...

tasted so good!!!
It's like having coffee but contain alcohol!!! woottsss...

Anonymous said...

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